Q. How do you colour your hair & what shade is it?

A. I have my hair dyed at the salon by Richard Hall at Richard Hall Styling. I am naturally a dark blonde, with alot of grey!. At the moment I am having it dyed a Rose Gold colour.

Q. Where is your accent from?

A. I am originally from London, but moved to the North of England 30 years ago.

Q. What do you do for work?

A.  By day i am a Make up Artist/Stylist, Co-owner of Richard Hall Styling, a mother to three adorable children, but by night i am a blogger/vlogger reviewing all things beauty, make up, fashion and lifestyle.

Q. What does NAYBEAUTYMUA mean?

A. My handle on instagram was my nickname Naybooty, and my friend said you can’t have that! Why don’t you change the booty to beauty and in the make-up community MUA is the acronym for make up artist, so there you have it hence the name Naybeautymua.